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Ayurveda Consultations

Womens Health, Wealth, Wellbeing 

In person in Byron Bay or On line

Ayurveda consultation,

Diet and Lifestyle, Health and wellbeing  

The Ayurveda approach assesses the whole you, body, mind and spirit.


An Ayurveda consultation takes into account all these

different aspects of an individual. I tailor a unique

healing program to facilitate balance and health in the

whole body.  I give simple daily practices to maintain

a healthy balance and guided healing program

Aligning the microcosmos, body, with the macrocosmic universe

Through pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, digestion diagnosis, lifestyle assessment and jyotish (on request) an ayurveda diet and life style program is created to balance and guide the healing of most health issues.   In this world of complexity and choice I bring a simplicity to life thru Ayurveda and connecting with the elemental self to bring health and harmony to your life on a daily basis.

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Initial consultation 1.5hrs : $150
Follow up consultations 1 hr : $90
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Initial Consultation :
1.5hrs       $150
Follow up :  1 hr   $90 

Ayurveda counselling &

Integration Therapy 

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are key components to health and wellbeing.  Addressing the mind and its play on our health and wellbeing focuses positive attention to the wholeness of the healing process.

Integrating the mind, body, spirit connection and alignment after an opening experience, trauma, or loss thru touch, feelings, breath and more lands the lessons and gifts into guidance to align the wholeness of the self.

Divine union counselling – Ayurveda relationship counselling,

walking in partnership can be one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of  life.   Navigating this healthily and having the tools in your tool box (and using them) to manage difficult situation, repeating patterns of behaviour is important to harmony, bliss and divine love.  Our own inner relationship often reflecting our physical human ones. Individual and couples available


Womens Health, wealth and wellbeing


Menopause guidance and wellness program  - Diet and lifestyle, body mind and spirit support for woman in perimenopause and menopause using the ancient tools of ayurveda that has been handed down thru generation of woman. 

Woman’s Business consulting, coaching and Mentoring –

Supporting women in commerce to work and flow from a natural matriarchal way of business.

  • guiding and supporting women from business idea to birth and beyond                       with the foundations of a matriarchal way of sustaining and abundantly growing a business. 


Embodiment practices– awakening women's coaching, embodiment practices, nurturing, daily practices and rituals to remember and ignite the radiant feminine source within the unique you. 

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