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Lead a balanced and blissful lifestyle by embodying the art of a self-care practice for the mind, body and spirit.  


This course is a four-week online educational lifestyle experience and community for people who seek to bring balance to their lifestyle through ayurveda, but aren't sure about where and how to begin with the science of ayurveda and its practices. 


This program provides you with the tools to integrate personalised self-care seamlessly into your everyday life and attune the most beautiful work of art possible; yourself. 

Whether you're seeking more ayurveda in your life, wish to compliment a yoga practice or are completely starting out on your own health and wellness journey, you will easily be able to apply the knowledge and skills of this self-care program to your own life and create mind-body-spirit harmony for yourself now and into the future. Once this ancient wisdom is demystified, you will ask yourself why you had not started sooner?



Module ONE: The canvas 

Uncover the ancient roots of ayurveda, as the mother of yoga and holistic health. Learn how to blissfully meet and master your day through the meaning of  ‘Blissapline’, a daily routine is the no.1 ayurveda remedy. 


Module TWO: Daily Divinity

Awakening is a daily practice. Here we will identify the application of different practices to suit your own personality, body type, constitution and lifestyle.  

Discover and demystify the ayurvedic view of life, including the elements, gunas, dosha’s and sacred energetics along with how these apply to you and the world.

Module THREE: Sacred Self

Experience powerful practices to reconnect and attune to the sacred-self in daily life. Learn the technique of abhyanga (self-massage) plus elemental meditations and rituals.  Gain awareness of how to apply different practices to bring balance to  your unique doshas (constitution).    

Module FOUR: Blissapline

Deepen the meaning of Blissapline by coming into alignment with your inner radiance flame. In this integration module, we will transform daily practices from one of discipline into a blissful container for women to embody a personal practice and lifestyle. Here we leave behind any sense of a casual relationship with ayurveda and set forth on a path of daily love for divinity within ourselves and within the world around us. 




$108 AUD - Early Bird Price (ends 10th Nov) 


$180 AUD - Full Price


$220 AUD - Pay it forward, support a scholarship and future program development. 


Payment plans are also available, No one is turned away for lack of funds; to make arrangements please contact us

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