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Shirodhara -
&    Ayurveda Treatments
Takra Dhara, Shirodhara, Sarvanga dhara 
Vasti, Udwantanam, Nyasam, Yoni Therapies 


(Ayurvedic oil “stream of bliss” applied to forehead)

A steady stream of slightly warm herb-infused oil,

ghee or milk is gently poured from a vessel

on to the centre of the forehead,

this is directly linked to the pituitary and pineal glands.  

Balancing and nourishing the nervous system and mind.

Shirodhara treatments are coupled with an ayurvedic foot and hand massage and gentle marma point therapy (subtle energy acupressure points) if required

Shirodhara assist to: 

  • Calm the mind, balance the whole nervous system, and relieves stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia (as naturally releases of serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin)

  • Increases mental focus and concentration,

  • Relieve headaches and migranes

  • Balance Hormones

  • Sooth and release traumas gently

  • Increases awareness of five senses

  • Calm Vata Dosha and Vata Conditions

  • Cool, relax, destress Pitta conditions

For your treatment we will use an organic medicated oil for your dosha or traditional shirodhara medicated oil.   

For optimum result with this ayurvedic treatment

a course of 3 to 10 session is best. These can be consecutive days or on a weekly basis. 

The oil is allocated to you for use only on you for maximum 3 uses.  

Single 1.5 hr session : $180

single return session :$140

3 sessions (within 6 weeks) : $400

10 session (within 20weeks) : $1350

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 7.36.38 pm.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.21.25 pm.png

- warm herbal oil massage. 

Nourishing and revitalising our skin.  The skin is a door way to nourishing the whole body.  Using medicated ayurvedic oils for your dosha type this traditional ayurvedic massage oileates your skin and deeply nourishes the tissue layers, helping pacify the doshas within the body, in turn releasing toxins from deep within the tissue and the GI tract so that it can be efficiently eliminated. Marma points are also tuned into thru the treatment as needed.  This can be then incorporated into your dinacharya (daily routine) to calm and nourish the nervous system 

1.5hr Abhyanga with medicated oils : $15


Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 7.22.17 pm.png

Nyasa Marsha - 
with face massage and steam
Nyasa is a traditional oil treatment involving
several drop of medicated oil or ghee into the nasal cavity. 

For the oileation of the senses, relieve irritation,
dryness, good for balancing the central nervous system,
calming and clearing the mind 

30mins $5
after other treatments $40 

Screen Shot 2023-09-28 at 1.02.07 am.png

    Takra Dhara
Buttermilk decoction with mind balancing herbs continually poured over the forehead 

  • for diseases of the sense organs

  • cooling and calming on the brain and nervous system

  • relieves headaches and stress,

  • good for hormonal balance, menopause and hot flushes 

  • improves ojas quality, 

  • Pitta aggravated dosha 

Single 1.5 hr session : $180

single return session :$140

3 sessions (within 6 weeks) : $440

10 session (within 20weeks) : $1400

Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 10.12.57 pm.png


  • A traditional dry warmed finely powdered blend of medicinal ayurvedic herbs are massaged over the whole body.

  • Excellent for improving circulation throughout the whole body, skin health and opening the body channels for releasing blockages and removing toxins 

  •  this acts deeper in to the skin layers, is excellent for excess weight gain, ideal for kapha dominant people

  • The treatment finishes with a herbal bath to skin to feel refreshed 

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Yoni Therapies 

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