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Personalised Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat  &
Panchakarma cleansing Retreats 

Panchakarma In home 
10 day Cleansing retreat


Daily our bodies collect toxins from our environment, our food habits, our lifestyle, our senses and our mind. A daily cleansing routine is best to remove these.  If the toxins build up then lodge deeper into the tissues and disease can start.  Regular cleansing of the tissues and GI tract will keep the digestion working optimally, the skin, eyes and hair shining, and bring longevity to the body .  
With the guidance of Ayurveda i create a unique individualised program for cleansing that considers the body imbalances, the ailments, the diet and lifestyle

We all have busy lives and responsibilities. 
I hear many times people say they would love to come to India for Panchakarma but cant take the time off to do so.   What better way to experience this process for your health and still be in the comfort of your own ho

Each day you will be feed ayurvedically, receive a treatment personalised to you, have a consultation and support check in.
Allowing you to release the toxin and rejuvenate. 

More information  +61403191119
please call or message to see if this is for you
once we speak a quote can be given  - pricing is different depending on the trea
tments and herbs involved and travel)

Rejuvenation Retreats 
3 or 5 day
Rest, Digest, Reset Personalised Retreats
Are you run out of gas, exhausted, depleted?
Know you need to change your patterns 
Rasayana therapy (rejuventation) is a key component to the health and wellbeing of a person according to  ayurvedic traditions.  The body takes 5 days to renourish the first tissue layer in the body, rasa (plasma and lymph).  Rasa is the first connection to our immunity, juiciness, joy and inner strength.

Embodyed Ayurveda personalised retreats encompasses ayurveda diet and lifestyle traditions, dinacharya practices and ayurvedic therapies to realign your daily routine to help support your health and wellbeing in body, mind, spirit

What it looks like:
Prior to arriving i arrange an on line or inperson 1 hr ayurvedic consultation to assess the needs for your retreat and your ayurvedic constitution
Each day i introduce you to an ayurvedic morning routine that is in alignment with your body type and health, this includes, diet, meditation, yoga, rituals and more.  Each day a personalised ayurvedic treatment or consultation unique to your wellbeing.  Evening ritual, yoga and meditation. 

3 day live in retreat : $1400
5 day live in retreat: $2200
Live in retreat is at Embodyed Ayurveda centre
in Ocean Shores, NSW 

3 day at your home retreat : $900
5 day at your home retreat: $1400
Further information and bookings contact me 


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