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Panchakarma Retreat  - India 

21 Days traditional Panchakarma Treatment
in world renowned PK Clinic 
with 3 days either side integration  

June 4th - July 2nd 2024

@ Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Clinic,  Tamil Nadu,  India 
Panchakarma is defined by the ancient texts as a five step procedure with multi dimensional therapeutic effects.  It is a detoxifying regime to eliminate the toxic elements and build up from the body, enhancing immunity and longevity of the body.  This ancient treatment helps with the balance and elimination of disease and the causing factors as well as maintains and brings equilibrium to the body.  

Have you wanted to do PK and not known where to start or what it entails as it seems a big undertaking.
As an Ayurvedic practitioner i am will guide and support your panchakarma journey, treatments and understanding ( physical and emotional) throughout the process (before, during and post). 
PK is not a luxury holiday, it asks you to surrender and deeply rest into being held by this ancient healing therapy that has been tried and tested for thousands of years, it can be uncomfortable and life changing.  The simple beauty of the Vaidgyagrama clinic brings you close to nature in a gentle unique environment that hold sattvic space to allow the bodies intelligence to heal where needed. 

Why 21 days:  According to Ayurveda it takes five days to nourish each tissue layer, the first two tissue layers are the blood and lymph ( a ten day cleanse flushes these.  However to access the deeper tissues and give a cellular cleanse the body needs 10-35 days.  With a 21 (or more ) PK treatment the tissues and cells are able to remove the ama (toxins) sitting in them and then regenerate. Especially if a patient holds the course of after care post PK for a further 21 days.

Why Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Hospital and Clinic:  Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 

Southern India has many many ayurveda centres offering many different interpretations of Ayurveda and PK.  One of the best PK centres in the world established by world renowed Ayurveda Vaidyas.  The unique nature of Vaidgyagrama and its dedication to ayurveda prevails because of : 

  1. The bhava - the spiritual essence of the place. Everyday morning and evening the centre temple offers sanskrit ritul and prayer to the day. 

  2. The reverence to nature - the place has been specifically chosen and built in accordance to vedic vastu, it is built with the essence of earth. A womb to hold you in the cleansing process.  All the building built with mud bricks made from the land, the food you eat most of it is grown here, and the medicines for your treatments supplies by the land 

  3. The community - the Vaidya (doctors), the therapist, the office staff, the gardeners, the cleaners are all here as equal members of the community, all here in service to ayurveda and harmony with nature.

PRICING PER PERSON            $7500 AUD  (5000 USD) 
- 21 days PK at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda.
- Own twin room with private bathroom and balcony
- all meals ( while in PK) 
daily ayurvedic treatments and medicines

- daily consultations with your personal Vaidyagarma physician

- special pujas and ceremonies, daily rituals, chanting and meditation

- yoga nidra practices

- transfers to/from Kochi to Vaidyagarama

- Accomodation 3 nights in Kochi prior / 3 night after

- Daily ayurvedic check ins for emotional wellbeing,
explanations, assistance in process.

Not included

Take home medicines from PK - this is specific to the individual

- flights to and from Kochi
- meals and activities either side of PK

More information and questions contact Christina      +61403191119 

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