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Ayurveda Consultations
Ayurveda Counselling
Ayurveda Doula (Ayurdoula) 
Womens Health, Wealth, Wellbeing 
Shirodhara -Gentle warm oil treatment for the mind, body and soul..

Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle consultation, health and wellbeing consultation    

 The Ayurveda approach assess the whole being, body, mind and spirit. 

An Ayurveda consultation takes into account all these different aspects of

an individual and tailors an unique healing program to bring into balance

the being and to give simple daily practices to maintain this balance and well being

In this world of complexity and choice I bring a simplicity to life thru Ayurveda and connecting with the elemental self to bringing balance, health and harmony to your life on a daily basis.

Ayurveda counselling -  Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are key components to health and wellbeing.  Addressing the mind and it play on our health and wellbeing focuses positive attention to the wholeness healing process.

Divine union counselling – Ayurveda relationship councelling, walking in partnership can be one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys of a life.   Navigating this and having the tools in your tool box (and using them) to manage difficult situation is important to harmony, bliss and divine love.  Our own inner relationship often reflecting our physical human ones. Individual, couples and family 

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Ayurveda Doula Service from preconception to birth and post natal. 

Bring in to alignment with womens health our knowing we are all creative beings of birthing ability. Regular cycles and womb health is optimum to healthy conception and birthing of anything for a women, be it physical life or creative projects

Ayurveda has a unique program for mother and baby health and birthing.

40 day post natal care program ensure the mother and baby start the journey of life and parenthood supported, grounded and flourishing.  Birthing can be vata aggravating to a women, bringing grounded love and well being into this time is important in the journey into motherhood.


Womens Health, wealth and wellbeing

Integration / embodiment practices– transformation and integration guidance, awakening coaching, embodiment practices, nurturing, Dinacharya training (daily practices and rituals) to remember and ignite the radiant feminine source within. 

Menopause and Perimenopause Guide and Doula - Sometimes we all need to hold a safe hand to help us be guided thru challenging times.  It a true sign of strength to be vulnerable enough to put out your hand and ask for help.  Menopause is one of those times when having a hand to hold can make a challenging journey smoother.  As an Ayurvedic Menopause Guide and Doula i am here to hold you as needed thru this transition to a reblooming.  Contact me for a free 15min consultation to see if it fits for you.  

Woman’s Business consulting, coaching and Mentoring –

Supporting women in commerce to work and flow from a natural matriarchal way of business.

  • guiding and supporting women from business idea to birth and beyond with the foundations of a matriarchal way of sustaining and abundantly growing a business. 


Shirodhara (Ayurvedic oil “stream of bliss” applied to forehead)

A steady stream of slightly warm herb-infused oil, ghee or milk is gently poured on the centre of the forehead, which is directly linked to the pituitary and pineal glands.  Balancing and nourishing the nervous system and mind. Shirodhara treatments are coupled with a complimentary ayurvedic foot and hand massage and gentle marma point therapy (subtle energy acupressure points)

  • Calms the mind, balances the whole nervous system, and relieves                     stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia (because of natural release of           serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin)

  • Increases mental focus and concentration, relieves headaches

  • Hormonal balance

  • Can uproot and mitigate old traumas

  • Increases awareness of five senses

  • Calms Vata Dosha and Vata Conditions

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