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Saturday 20th April  11am-2 pm 

Embodyed Ayurveda Temple   1a Miram pl Ocean Shores Nsw 

The Art of Kitchari and Ghee with ease.....

How do you make kitchari?  is a question i get asked regularly...

Learn the simple art of this nourishing rejuvenating ayurvedic dish that can be so versatile and yet a whole healing dish for your digestion..

Join my ayurvedic cooking temple for our food sadhana. Receive tools to enhance your own food rituals and food as medicine at home, by embellishing the process of preparation, cooking and eating with the sacred wisdom & ayurveda principles, infused with your own intention and love.

Kitchari - the original ayurvedic food as medicine. A rasayana (rejuvenator) and balancer for the body and its digestive system. A versitile combination of moong dhal and basmati rice. This tridoshic dish is a complete source of protein and body nourishment for resetting the digestion or for gentle fasting/ cleansing.

Ghee is known as one of the elixirs of life, it captures the essences of light and love. Ghee, is an oil that enkindles the light and digestive fire within the body. Making ghee with devotion and ritual gives potency to its capacity to nourish each cell of your body. Ghee soma qualities assist in promoting cellular intelligence, memory and immunity to the body mind and spirit.

Sadhana -a sacred intentional practice that honours and aligns the body, mind and spirit with the rhythms of nature.
“Ayurveda views our relationship to food, not only as a source of nourishment but as a meaningful sacred connection to all of life.
Our food sadhana is a living prayer to nourish the temple of the body, creating thru each step of food preparation an awareness of food as medicine for the body, mind and spirit,

If you are a bit unsure about your own cooking, don’t be perturbed by the idea of perfection, doing a food sadhana with love, sincerity and focused attention from the heart is a powerful devotional practice that literally shows up in the meal! You will gain more confidence and a love for the kitchen, with these simple ayurveda techniques

What if i am Vegan? Yes we will incorporate and offer vegan alternatives that can be easily adopted using ayurvedic principles

This will be 3hrs, completing with sitting and nourishing our selves with the food we have prepared.

Please bring your curiosity and open heart to receive and learn. A note book if you wish however recipe sheet will be given.


Tickets are $65 and can be purchased here:
or pay cash on the day,

please send an email to book

I look forward to sharing this rich rasayana ayurveda practice with you.

With a wealth of knowledge of the Ayurveda kitchen Christina will guide you through the simple steps to nourish and rejuvenate you and all who enjoy the blessing of food cooked with sacredness.

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