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Embodying Ayurveda is a passion

that I have loved and lived for over 25yrs.

I love the art and living the simple embodiment of Ayurveda,

It has a way of harmonising naturally with nature and the elements

and guiding balance in body, mind and spirit. 


Today, and every day this lifestyle is as familiar and necessary

to me as putting clothes on in the morning. 

This is what i call Blissapline, the bliss of daily discipline 


I offer the ancient art of ayurveda, guiding you with Ayurvedic solutions to modern day health and well being, ayurveda consultations and treatments, ayurveda counselling, ayurveda        doula care, jyotish, Panchakarma cleansing, transformation and integration guidance,  living and loving relationship issues, 

 to create daily balance, radiance and inner joy in your life 


​After living in the Indian himalayas for many years where i began my journey with Ayurveda, I have completed studies with Dr Ajit at the AIAS , Vaidya Dr Vasant Lad at Vedanta Institute Pune India,  Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Panchakarma centre, and womans ayurveda and ayurdoula training with Blooming Ayurveda USA, 

I am a mother of two and director and founder of

internationally successful tea company Hari Har Chai.

I specialises in empowering women in creating

feminine centred life in harmony with nature and the elements (especially around menopause ) 

Looking at life thru the ayurveda lense, gunas, and elements

we can connect with our own microcosmos, align with the macrocosmos to bring moment to moment awareness

and bliss to daily living

Learning is loving... Loving is living....

Living is Ayurveda

Meet Christina



Christina Covington 

1A Miram Place Ocean Shores NSW Australia 2483  || 0403191119

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